This project aims to design a new magazine. The readers of my magazine are professional visual communication designers and design enthusiasts. The result of the magazine design responds to the articles called Letters and Cities: reading the urban environment with the help of perception theories and The Elements of Typographic Style.

The letters of the city coexist in the present, future and past. The magazine Re- was created to explore and record the letters and signs of the city, and its primary purpose is to examine the traces of the letters remaining in the town. The main title of this issue 1 remains, which can be read as main. All the letters in the city remain the same even if they become worn out and blurred over time.

The visual concept of this issue is to show characters with traces of time. Signs found in cities naturally had several scratches and marks, making them the main texture. Using sans serif and serif was a choice to combine modernity and classical. Yellow is a colour that we can easily see on the road. Placing the issue name in the centre plays a role in focusing and emphasizing more, and the first page of each article is also designed using images and text arrangements in the same background as the cover. In addition, the last page of the article in Letters and cities shows the concept of the issue name remains. It was intended to show the idea of remaining by expressing the type as blurred but not disappearing. Also, it is designed to suit the concept using scratch texture in the title and pull quote.

Publication Design, Typography, Magazine Design, Typesetting


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