Change a life!
Stepping Stone House is a non-for-profit charity organisation that care for and provide services for young people facing homelessness in Australia. The aim of this project was to create a short animated video that raises awareness around the issue of youth homelessness in Australia and encourages public donation. We used both traditional frame-by-frame animation and motion design to bring our drawings to life and tell the story of youth homelessness in 90 seconds. We also extended the brief to create a campaign through social media graphics that would support the video and enable the overall message to reach a wider audience online.

TEAM - Keystone Studio 
[Animation Team - Kelly, Hans, Joseph]
[Social Media Team -  Gladys, Qianyi] 

Animation, Motion Design, Illustration, Character Design

[PLAY ME!!!! ︎]

[Campaign Posters & Social Media]

[Process ︎]

Initial Stroyboard
Refined Storyboard


Collaboartion as teams

Design by Keystone Studio in 2022