he_says, they_say, she_says
In 2018 Pavilion Books published the title 100 Books That Changed The World by Scott Christianson and Colin Salter, a collection of works selected for their significance in shaping the course of history. This project responded to the brief ISTD: Shaping the World in 2022. Out of 100 books, I chose Dale Carnegie's book How to win friends and influence people. I explored the book and designed the publication he_says, they_say, she_says with a new perspective.

We are social animals and live with people. Also, we struggle with how to treat people in so many 'relationships'. We read Dale Carnegie's book to learn how to make better relationships. The author supports his argument by using successful people's wise sayings and anecdotes. He knew the power of words and how they would affect us. We are motivated and able to act through wise sayings. In this publication, I wanted to show the power of words through wise sayings.

This publication wants to show both concepts at the same time. First, the book was published in the 1930s, and the author explored only the wisdom of men and included it in his book. Most women's voices were buried because of male chauvinism. So I tried to contain women's knowledge and wisdom connected to the author's principles by overlapping with men's wisdom. Secondly, we change our minds in a changing society. No matter how timeless the wise saying is, it may be forgotten by us if it does not connect with contemporary culture. And the wisdom of modern women from a new perspective will represent old-fashioned words. These two concepts are embedded in this publication.

Publication Design, Typography, Typesetting, Book Cover Design