“Many species of animals including some birds, sea turtles and bats are adversely affected by brightly lit areas at night, which cause them to change their migration or feeding routes. This puts them at a much greater risk of death from predation for example by owls or cats, road kill, flying into buildings or sheer exhaustion from being disoriented.”

by The Australasian Bat Society (ABS)

Where should I go on these lights?
The brief for this motion design project was to address caring for Aussie bats. This playful and unique motion video aims to engage a broad audience of children and parents who come to the Australia Museum. The intent is to remind the audience that they need to familiarize themselves with or have the wrong information about the bats. The central concept delivers information on how artificial lighting affect bats. Through the video, the audience feels sadness and is alert to problems. By making them aware of the problem, they will care more for bats.

My approach is to convey the emotions and situations of bats from the perspective of young bats. By looking at the city from the bat’s point of view, people will be more empathetic to this story.

Motion Design, Illustration, Character Design

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Initial Style Frame

Design Assets

City Illustration - SYDNEYYYYY!!!!!!!

Final Style Frames

Design by Hans Lee in 2022