To my dearest daughter
This project creates a mini-comic that is an adaptation of one of the stories told by Uncle Greg Simms. My comic is inspired by the ‘Sharing stories’ among his stories. I structured the story based on the story from my dad. So, it is an autobiographical story.

...out of all the people that were, out of all the people that lived here, there’s not very many of us that sat around with the old people and herad them tell the story about anything.....And I remember, there’s an old uncle who told us a story one day, and we’re trying to work out what he was tring to tell us, and........ From the Sharing Stories by Uncle Greg 

Acknowledgement of Country
This work reflects the ‘Sharing stories’ told by Uncle Greg Simms as a Gadial, Darug, Gundungurra, Yuin Elder and Knowledge Holder with ancestral ties to the land. I also would like to pay my respect to the traditional custodians of this land, past, present and future. I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Country - the Aboriginal and Torres strait Island people and the role of stories and storytellers in our lives. The Uncle Greg’s stories contain wisdom, history, their territory and knowledge that must be preserved and shared.

Storytelling, Illustration, Character design, Comic